How to Dress for Dance in Australia

    When you attend a dance class, you see that the dancers adorn a special attire based on the form of dance they practice. As a new dancer, you might feel embarrassed about wearing all that fancy stuff. Relax, you are not alone! Most beginners feel shy in their dance clothes, but they all feel confident with the passage of time. 

    You might be a dancer. Or your child might be. Regardless of the cause of your enthusiasm about dancewear, listed below are the guidelines to make sure you pick the best and the most relevant only. 

    As you read on you will know which dance clothes suit you best. 

    • Jazz 

    Jazz demands for the dancer to be not just flexible but malleable too. Jazz should immediately imply shining, slim fit and dazzling clothes. Multi-layered clothing or stuffed wear is not advisable since the entire focus is on ease of movement. 

    Belly shirts, Bodice, Jazz trousers, and hot pants are some of the popular jazz wear. Glint and glitter can be used to enrich your clothes and turn them into a source of flamboyance. 

    • Hip Hop 

    Hip Hop gives room to the exhibit of individual demeanour. Combat pants, tights, and mesh caps are among the many adornments of Hip Hop dancers. Girls can wear a combination of belly shirts and low-waist jeans. Irrespective of your choice of wear, try bringing a sense of uniqueness in the small details to look unlike everyone else. 

    • Ballet

    At the very utterance of the word “ballet,” the first images that the mind produces are malleable, gentle and elegant. When you shop for dance class wear, choose to be pragmatic. Attaining proficiency in this form of dance will demand time. Therefore it would be best if you do away with all the ruffle and ruche. 

    As a newcomer, choose tights with a tight-fitting moccasin. These should be good enough. Leotards have proven to be a wise choice for ballet dancers since they enable malleability and ensure that you feel cosy when you bring off a strenuous move. Further, as you make progress, you may move forward on imbibing ostentatious leotards and showy skirts. 

    • Ballroom Dance

    This form of dance mandates regulation and coordination more than the rest. You and your dance partner require to develop a stunning chemistry if you want to make it as a ballroom dancer. Flaccid fabric, graceful clothes, and bodices are a common sight in a ballroom dance session. The glossy and glittery numbers at one’s disposal are such girls are all befuddled about which one to pick? 

    Apart from being cosy, the fancy attire that you wear will bring about cool vibes and foster your esprit de corps. 

    • Break Dancing

    Interestingly breakdancing and hip hop are mistaken for each other sometimes. Breakdancing demands sturdy movements and a display of underneath dance steps. Since head spin moves are involved, it would be best to wear comfy clothes. Synthetic track pants and veiled hoodies suit the best as they lubricate any movement. 


    As you go shopping for your new dance clothes, with respect to your form, choose what is considered the most ideal.

    This guide will come to your aid in picking just that. Whatever the dance form, the attire has to be appropriate. Also, going by the norm, do not skirt comfort because that will give you a ton of confidence when you perform out there on the stage. 

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