Reversal of Vasectomy – Comprehend the options of parenthood

    When a guy thinks of undergoing vasectomy, this is called permanent sterilization. However, there are some men who might, later on, want to undo a vasectomy due to several reasons. Since it is believed that vasectomy is a permanent birth control solution, very few men actually realize that vasectomy reversal is actually doable. 

    You ask any vasectomy Brooklyn, New York doctor and he’ll tell you that undoing a vasectomy is very much possible. Around 6-10% of male patients who undergo vasectomy at some stage of their lives think of reversing it later on. Different life circumstances like the death of a child or wanting more children or a new marriage may make a man think of a vasectomy reversal. 

    If you’re one among them, here’s what you should know about the process of vasectomy reversal. 

    Reversing a vasectomy is a surgery that is highly successful

    While doing a vasectomy surgery, a surgeon alters the routes or clamps the vas deferens, which is the internal tube that transports the sperm to the testicles and finally out of the penis. Similarly, a vasectomy reversal is a minimally invasive process that brings back continuity of your vas deferens. 

    Surgeons do microsurgery and it takes around 2 hours to complete. You can return home on that day. It is a safe procedure with no risk of bleeding or infection.

    Time isn’t the sole factor for a vasectomy reversal to be successful

    There is a notion among men that if he has done a vasectomy several years back, a reversal will fail. But this is usually not always true. The rates of success mainly depend on the time since vasectomy was last done. They are high among men (95%) when the vasectomy was done in the last 10 years. The success rate begins to decline when a man has done his vasectomy more than 15 years back. 

    The age of the female spouse is vital and also the health of the sperm to decide whether or not vasectomy reversal will be successful. 

    Your testicles always made sperm

    Well, this is a surprising fact to most men as they believe that getting a vasectomy done meant their body no longer producing sperm. However, the fact is that after a vasectomy, the testicles still continue making sperm. It just has no way to travel out of the body. 

    Due to this, normal fertility will be gained soon after a reversal. The doctor may ask you to avoid sex for 3 weeks so that you get enough time for healing. But after that, you can start planning for a family again. However, in certain cases that include a blockage in the epididymis, you may take around a year to get back to usual fertility. 

    So, if you’re a man who is considering a vasectomy reversal, you should stop believing in the myths and start believing in the facts. Visit your doctor as he is the best person to walk you through the options, the pros, and the cons of vasectomy reversal. More Read….

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