Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery – Why is Data Important ?

    Everything related to business planning and marketing now revolves around data. A huge chunk of data is generated every hour through endless data points. Data is considered to be the most valuable possession for businesses. You will not prefer losing money, so you will not want to have data loss. This is now the No. 1 need for any business to preserve their data and data stores. 

    You may look at the tech giants like Facebook and Amazon. Consider why Fb took over WhatsApp and Instagram. More than the functional capabilities of these apps, they store the personal data of billions of users, which Facebook wants to acquire as high-value assets. This is true with all other business giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and so on. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn not only for the amazing technology they developed but for the huge stores of data about their users and businesses. This is the era of information where data is considered to be more valuable than gold or diamond.

    Data protection on Salesforce

    As with any other leading CRM, Salesforce is also a fully data-driven platform. The major applications and tools use the primary data store on this platform for better understanding customer behavior and market trends. Based on this data analysis, quicker decision-making and business administration can be done in a proper manner. This will help to drive in more results and ROI. Considering all these, data protection in Salesforce org is of optimum importance.

    Just consider a scenario where you lose your data. It is not only scary but also completely devastating. This is one area where you need to think of getting help. In this help article, we will take a look at how to prevent Salesforce data loss and some options available at the Salesforce ecosystem for safeguarding, backing up, and restoring data in case of any data accidents.

    Why is data crucial for Salesforce?

    Data has the hidden potential to drive growth. It will give businesses the most needed information exactly when it is needed. Analyzing this data using smart analytical tools integrated with Salesforce will help to make smarter and accurate decisions. Salesforce data often consists of the most valuable information about customers, prospects, employees, and business transactions. Many users assume that their data is protected by default as it is on Cloud. However, this is considered to be one major advantage of choosing cloud CRMs. However, even when you can trust Salesforce as the top platform with optimum security controls, it is still possible to have data loss and corruption. Data loss or disruption is possible even with the best Salesforce data backup and recovery measures.

    Back in 2020, Salesforce retired its native data recovery service. With this, Salesforce users no longer have a resort to rely on in case of a permanent data loss or corruption. However, Salesforce later started offering a data backup service for a fee of flat $10000, with which the users can get the backup in CSV format to restore. Even this takes a lot of effort and time to complete the restoration. While retiring their old data recovery suite, Salesforce announced that the decision was made as the complete restoration may take up to 8 weeks’ time, and 100% result cannot be assured in case of recovery. Due to these challenges, Salesforce itself promotes other data recovery and restoration tools by third parties. You can find many such applications at the App Exchange Salesforce app store. 

    If you are a Salesforce customer and have not yet taken data backup and recovery measures, then it is high time to revisit the data strategy. Many companies are still unaware of the causes of data loss and the adverse impacts it in terms on business operations. As per a research article by Gartner, about 80% of the organizations lack a complete data backup and recovery strategy, with which the risk is highly increased during the recent remote work due to the pandemic. About 69% of the organizational data administrators think they are at high risk of user-inflicted data loss or human error data loss.

    Salesforce offers an overall strong data management which puts forth many advantages to the users. As per a survey conducted by Forrester, “the businesses relying on the data analytics for business decision making have a significant advantage over the non-data competitors in attaining revenue goals.”  We may also consider the statistics that the businesses capable of effectively managing their data are 160% more chances of surpassing their ROI goals than others who do not adopt the same.

    Salesforce data recovery

    Previously known as Data Restoration Service, native data backup and recovery service can help users to retrieve their lost data if a recovery request is raised within 15 days of the loss. The users get the data as many CSV files to do the restoration manually. Cost is $10000 for any standard use case, and the restoration process may take 6 to 8 weeks to complete. The avoid such a scenario, Salesforce is offering some tips to the users.

    • Build a data protective culture

    This is more important during remote working and when employees use their own devices. All the users needed to be trained on the criticality of data and ways to avoid any security breach or data vulnerability.

    • Strong passwords

    Another solution to protect data is to have a solid password policy, which mandates strong and hygienic passwords. Also, enable two-factor authentication, and businesses can also address other challenges like password theft with password vaults.

    • Secure access

    Rearrange how system administrators work. Along with taking care of the Salesforce suite, admins also work as watch and wards who safeguard the data. Restricted access and different levels of privileges needed to be custom set. The major advantage of cloud-based CRMs like Salesforce is that they can manage permissions, and admins can set these easily with minimal technical skill.

    All these practices will help to keep the Salesforce data secure. Considering the nature of your business, you need to understand your fundamental data-related challenges and look for tools and methods to ensure optimum data protection.

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