How to approach Class 12 Maths using RS Aggarwal Solutions

    12th Class is such an important year in overall school life. It is an essential period of life as one will learn a lot of complex things in studies as well as in personal life. Every student needs to make it more of a learning phase than thinking of them as a complex phase. 

    To learn your 12th effectively, you need prominent study material not only as reference material but as a companion. Reference material plays a dominant role in every student’s role. As the student is beginning to learn their syllabus, hence they need a doubt clarifying material. For that, RS Aggarwal will be the prominent option. Because RS Aggarwal books have a privilege of the higher-order. These books are curated and made by lots of research. Hence, this will solve all the problems that the student will get while studying. 

    In this article, you will be provided with everything you need to know about RS Aggarwal Textbook Solutions for Maths Class 12. 

    RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 12 solutions are the popular material for studying. This helps the students to score more marks in their board exams. The solutions given in the book are prepared in a step-by-step method of explanation, so everyone should have it. The important questions for the 12th board exams are given solutions. Therefore this book acts as an important alternative for everyone who uses this book as a supplement for exam preparation. Practicing a large number of questions from the RS Aggarwal book will help the student as essential self-study material. 

    RS Aggarwal Maths book for Class 12 is a non-lengthy and well-illustrated one. Also, this textbook has no beginner-level questions and no very high-level questions. The questions mentioned here are moderate that it only aims at CBSE Class 12 syllabus. Hence, it will be a great study material to practice when you wanted to improve your class 12th board exam preparation and scores. 

    Syllabus of NCERT class 12 Maths – RS Aggarwal:-

    First off, you should know about the classification of the mark for the subject. For Class 12 Maths, you have 80 marks. And the time for this paper will be 3 hours. The difficulty of the question paper rises as you increase the question number. 

    You have to note down that, some units of the Maths portions will have a high weightage of marks, while others don’t. For example, Unit 1 and 2 have the highest weightage of marks. This constitutes Sets and Functions and Algebra. It is suggested that the students should complete this chapter first, as these units have maximum problems from the overall syllabus. 

    The below-bulleted points are to give you a clear-cut picture of the Maths Class 12 Syllabus in a chapter-wise category. 

    • Relations and functions

    • Inverse trigonometric functions

    • Matrices

    • Determinants

    • Continuity and Differentiability

    • Application of derivatives

    • Integrals

    • Application of integrals

    • Differential equations

    • Vector algebra

    • Three-dimensional geometry

    • Linear programming

    • Probability

    The above-mentioned chapters are the syllabus that every Class 12 student should look for. RS Aggarwal has solutions for every topic from the above-mentioned syllabus. Let us look into the weightage of marks that every chapter possesses. 

    Weightage marks:-

    The examination has a total of 80 marks whereas the rest 20 marks are for internal assessment. Further, the question paper is divided into 5 sections. This is to test the students remembering, analyzing, understanding, creating, evaluating, and applying the learned Maths concepts. Based on the weightage, 

    1. Section “A” has very short answering-type questions. This constitutes 16 questions. Each question has one mark. 

    2. Section “B” has objective-type questions. This constitutes 4 questions. Each question has one mark. 

    3. Section “C” has short type I questions. This constitutes 10 marks. Each question has 2 marks. 

    4. Section “D” has short type II questions. This constitutes 7 questions. Each question carries 5 marks. 

    5. Section “E” has Long type question. This constitutes 3 questions. Each question carries 5 marks. 

    Here is a list of unit-wise Class 12 Maths examination marks categorization. Look carefully into each unit and plan your preparation accordingly. 

    Unit 1: Sets and functions – 23 marks. 

    Unit 2: Algebra – 30 marks

    Unit 3: Co-ordinate geometry – 10 marks

    Unit 4: Calculus – 5 marks

    Unit 5: Mathematical reasoning – 2 marks

    Unit 6: Statistics and probability – 10 marks. 

    Internal Assessment has 20 marks. There are 100 marks. 

    Benefits to using RS Aggarwal solutions as a prominent study material:-

    RS Aggarwal solutions are prepared as per the CBSE board. This provides the students with a comprehensive way of understanding the given topics. This study material should be used in-depth to have the maximum benefit. The solutions book has the correct format for the answers, which can be used by the students without any doubt.

    Moreover, practicing questions from the RS Aggarwal Maths solutions will make you comfortable in solving complex sums from the NCERT Maths book. 

    • As the solutions are written as per the guidelines of the CBSE board, this will be a great help for you to score awesome marks in board exams. 

    • The solutions given are categorized so well for every chapter. This is employed to improve the ease of using the book during the revision time for students. 

    • Every question has its systematic approach. Hence, this helps the students to learn every concept more finely. 

    • There is a well-exemplified, broad view of answering the questions. This should be the most characteristic feature of the well-established study material. 

    • The topics are in a more precise and coherent way of explanation. This paves the way for Class 12 students to cover up the syllabus in a most reliable way hence, scoring well than the non-RS Aggarwal study material users. 


    We have tried our best to compile the RS Aggarwal Class 12 solutions in a detailed and simple manner. So, we hope that you would not face any problems while solving the RS Aggarwal textbook questions. By practicing these solutions, you will be able to clear all your doubts and prepare effectively for the Maths board exam.

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