How to make class 1 Mathematics Fun?

    Making Math Fun at an early age is a very challenging task for the teachers, but there is nothing to worry about. In the next few minutes, you are going to learn some very interesting and easy ways to teach this subject not just in a very fun and enjoyable manner but also engaging and educational for the students.

    Getting hands-on it

    Most of us have been into a workshop obviously and have you ever realized how they get us involved in all the activities and learning, they give us various tasks to get engaged in the activity and learn the new concepts that we are being taught. The same is what you are supposed to deal with the students. Getting them some simple Math worksheets and games can get their attention and let them enjoy what they are being taught. For instance, take an example of teaching to count with snakes and ladders. Students can enjoy the game but can also learn the numbers both in a simple and reverse manner. This can also be done whilst solving picture puzzles. Using these ways, the strong basics of maths of the students can be developed in a very fun, joyful, interactive but educational manner.

    Knowing their Interest

    It has been observed that many people need various ways to teach the students in a better manner. As the principle of individuality says that the students don’t need to learn singly. Each one of them may find different fields of interest. Take it as an example one can enjoy the snake and ladder because he finds the board games interesting and joyful more than arranging the picture puzzles, he will keep on playing that until he gets tired, whereas on the other hand take the child with the picture puzzle he may not like the snake and ladder game but can fall in likeness with arranging the picture puzzles once in ascending and descending manner. It is suggested that getting to know what the students find most interesting is the key to getting their focus right on track and making them learn swiftly.

    Questions and Brainstorms

    Kids love to talk. When you get around any child and say Hi he usually finds it very warm and comforting, and then when you begin to ask questions from him or her, it’s natural that they take an interest in the conversation. 

    In the same way, it is highly recommended to use the most updated books like NCERT Books Class 1 Maths and interesting maths questions from students. As for how to make them learn the clock, you can ask them at what time you wake up in the morning, and then adjust the very next question like what would be the time if you woke up 30 minutes later, or 30 minutes earlier than your routine. This will make a keen interest in students to deliver their life and you have established the goal of teaching them in a fun and educational manner.

    Some brainstorming activities could be also performed to make them use their brains and start thinking and finding more questions on their own. When one student starts putting up the question himself or herself, it creates new curiosity and wonders among them to find more and more about it that will lead to learning more good stuff.

    Go online and outside

    There are so many popular and fun apps and games which are easily available online that allow the student to develop their math skills more efficiently and in a more interactive manner. You can find the games and such platforms easily on Google like Kahoot.

    Mentioning the fact that kids also prefer to play around and observe things you can also get them out in the playground and play number games with them.

    Including Visuals and Graphics 

    The best way to teach is to get all the senses of the students active. With the listening of the students, you can also make them learn using picture books and presentations that would be very attractive and will boost the engagement of the students, also activating their eyes to feel and remember the topics taught in a better manner.

    Using good and affiliated books (where the NCERT books are most recommended) with well-organized and attractive presentations will not allow the students to get the eyes of the teacher and surely encourage them to learn more.

    Make it about Them

    Another key approach that can be used handily is getting more and more out of students. Try to ask questions about their usual life like at what time they watch their favourite television shows, cartoons, or animations, and then add to them how long their duration is and at what time they usually watch it, for how long. Spicing up these things eventually for them would allow them to get more comfortable and jubilant. 

    Include Parents

    Really? Parents! Yes, this is a very good and powerful method to make them learn with more wonderful curiosity. Share some healthy experiments and tasks to let the students enjoy maths with their parents. If they do so they will believe that maths is not a horrible or scary subject, it is a beautiful and playing subject instead. Also not forget the appreciation they will get from their parents for doing so well in mathematics that will also be a major boost for them. 

    Add cheers

    Let’s say this is for sure that every living being on this planet appreciates the encouragement delivered to them. Be it our students or our pets they all love being encouraged and rewarded. So in order to keep them trying hard, one can set goals for them like the students who will complete the counting from 1 to 100 will get assured chocolates. This will make them push even harder to get that chocolate but what is being done is to make them learn better and efficiently. This technique is called “Providing reinforcements”. 

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