How to prepare for class 9 Hindi

    As the data says, most of the students are able to work in all subjects very well by themselves be it in science, mathematics, etc. But there is one Subject among which the students fail to score much higher scores easily. Hindi is the subject which is an easy role for the students if they know how to prepare well for the exam, unfortunately being a different subject in its kind it is hard to believe that most of the students find it a bit difficult than others. In the following article, the correct way to study, read-write, and enjoy Hindi is discussed. 

    • Learning the format of paper

    Before preparing for any subject, usually, the first thing that a student thinks about is in what manner the questions in the exam will be asked.

    So keeping that in mind the first thing that a person should focus on is the format of the paper.

    For an Easy understanding, syllabus according to the particular course selected which is supposed to be either of Hindi Course A or Hindi Course B, one can get onto the right track of what is coming next to him and what he shall prepare. Learning the format of the paper can provide an astonishing advantage of planning the studies in a better way.

    • Literature textbook 

    Most of the students try to reach out for the other help books and various guides for preparing the subject, ignoring the fact that one of the best and the most recommended books by the experts is NCERT Hindi Book Class 9. NCERT BOOKS are a blessing for the students having all the syllabus and containing some valuable questions for the self-evaluation of the students. It has even been observed that several times some direct questions from the NCERT books have been asked in exams of students. Not even just that, they provide extraordinary word meanings, chapter’s author biography, and much more.

    • Preparing Notes and Summary

    A great tactic used by many scholars is preparing proper notes of each chapter they read that helps them in various ways to improve themselves. Maintaining notes from each chapter helps them to finalize some important key points and revise all of the chapters in a very short period of time. 

    Writing the summaries of the chapter is also very handy when it comes to preparing for the coming exams. Writing the summaries of the chapters in a brief manner can help the students to memorize all the facts and stories much better and also gives them a handy hand in practicing while writing the answers in exams. As they already know in what manner they need to write the exam.

    • Mastering Reading Section

    The very first section of the exam has the “Reading Section” in which an unseen passage is given and some questions related to the passage are asked. This section contains a good portion of 10 marks in both of the courses in Hindi A and Hindi B. This section consumes quite a while as the students need to read a big passage. A good way to handle this part is to read the question asked before reading the passage to already get an idea of what is asked in the passage. This allows saving a lot of time as it saves from reading the passage twice. 

    Practicing this section regularly can develop much accuracy and speed among the students to solve this section very easily. It is suggested to practice this section regularly.

    • Grammar and Vocabulary 

    A very common complaint that has been seen is that students don’t use proper grammar and rich vocabulary while writing the solutions. 

    It is a very important major to focus on grammar and vocabulary too because any answer rich in good vocabulary and perfect grammar is the most desired in grade 9. Also using the vocabulary used in the chapters themselves is a great way to go. It demonstrates good reading and learning capabilities by the student and the teacher is also impressed differently.

    Also not forgetting that section B alone contains 16 marks for Grammar is one of the parts that no one would like to get out of hand. This section is very short to do and takes almost no time to score good marks. Alas, most students not focusing on grammar lose easy and quick marks here in this very part.

    • Tackling Writing Section

    The writing section is the most difficult and time-consuming part for the students. This section needs the most practice and hard work. One is supposed to properly write formal and non-formal letters. Practicing regularly on a daily basis allows the students to develop accuracy to the topic on which they are writing.

    Rhythm is one of the important factors determining the quality of the answers. Writing daily on the different topics allows the student to get a variety of options for keeping up with the story and continuing it healthily.

    • Ornaments of Writing

    When it comes to writing, quotes and slogans can be considered as ornaments beautifying the flow of the writing and making it a bit more eye-catching that pleases the mind. When one embarks the essay with quotes it gives a pump start to the essay. 

    The most ignored and less attention paid point is the punctuation. Good content with excellent punctuation always boosts up the quality and the impression on the reader giving no opportunity for the examiner not to give full marks.

    • Conclusion

    Hindi is one of the easiest subjects but due to the carelessness of taking it much easier if the fault of the students results in low scores.

    It can be a very good scoring subject when prepared eventually and consistent practices. Knowing the syllabus, planning a proper schedule, and consistency is the way to success and a good score on your mark sheet.

    It is recommended to all the readers to maintain the mentioned drawback in mind and reclaim them into your powerful points

    Without labor, nothing prospers accordingly. Working hard and heartily is an obvious victory. All the very best.

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