How to prepare for the class 5th maths Olympiad?

    Math is considered the most difficult subject. There are various factors for such thinking like the logic it requires, numbering knowledge one needs to have, and the lengthy time for understanding the concepts. Practice is the only key to excel in Math. The Olympiad is nothing different than this, to acquire an amazing rank students will have practice daily. Maths can be a nightmare if you will not dedicate the time and energy it requires but it will get better when you will try to understand the concepts rather than just mugging up the formulas. Students who want to score well in the olympiad will have to do rigorous practice, does not matter if you are very good at school or not, practice is mandatory for such an eventful competitive exam. Before starting the preparation, it is suggested that parents should inform their children of the sensitivity and motto of the Olympiad. Students who are studying in the 5th standard might be aware of the existence of the exam but they need the proper guidance for performing well in the exam.

    What is an Olympiad exam?

    Olympiad is just a competitive exam that serves the purpose of recognizing students who are good with a certain subject and have the potential to dedicate more time and energy to excelling in the subject in a higher manner. Olympiad shows students how one should tackle all the pressure that is built up due to the competitive nature of the exam. This experience goes very well when a student desires to take any higher-level exams for pursuing future studies. Olympiad is built to test students on different levels such as regional, state, national and international. In Olympiads, students compete with other students of their academic level. The students have to pass each round to get eligibility for entering another round. These tests are built differently than other exams, Olympiad will test a child’s capability and will help in recognizing the true potential. For students who are in class 5th, it is advised to solve the book recommended by the school for clearing basics. 

    What is a Math Olympiad? 

    Math Olympiad serves the purpose of identifying children who can deal with numbers in a logical and fast manner. Students who want to achieve anything that resonates with mathematics are suggested to sit for the Olympiad as it helps them by giving a view of what they will deal with in the future. The syllabus of Math Olympiad is futuristic as it includes a higher level of math compared to the standard a student is in. The exam also helps in promoting curiosity and gives unheard knowledge of mathematics to students. Math Olympiad will help in improving the skills of children and will also help in maintaining confidence in the behavior. Students who can deal with or are interested in dealing with tricky mathematics questions should apply for the olympiad. 

    How to prepare for the maths Olympiad?

    The syllabus of the olympiad will not be the same as what a student studies in school. Apart from the NCERT and books recommended by the school for the academic examinations, students will have to study from different materials as well. Solving basic books will help in gaining command in the subject but without practicing higher-level math, it will get difficult to solve questions of a grade or two higher than the 5th standard. The following steps will guide you for preparation:

    1. Understanding the subject and looking through the syllabus 

    Questions asked in the olympiad will never be easy. Students, you will have to wake up from the delusion that you can excel without preparing well. Understanding the syllabus is needed in a very fair manner for concentrating on the subjects. The topics you have already studied should be kept in another room of practice and topics that you need to focus on majorly should be kept in another room. It will be important to practice questions of both parts for doing well in the examination. 

    1. Look for higher-level books when done with basic preparation 

    The preparation must start from a very early level. The coursebook and the NCERT should be finished before the Olympiad is announced. Students will have to put extra effort here as it is required. Students of class 5th will have to go through class 6th NCERT for clearing concepts and this will help them in clearing the regional round. Logical questions should not be skipped, they can be easy as well as hard thus should not be neglected. There is no time for procrastination here, students will have to work very hard. 

    1. Making a timetable and following it 

    It is very important to make a timetable. A timetable will help students in studying properly and will also give them time to rest. For children of this age, it is very important to get proper rest and breaks between study time for concentrating more and the same should be done. A proper timetable will help students in focusing on the subject and the activities they want to pursue as well. 

    1. Preparation of notes 

    It is very important to make proper notes for revising topics in the end. Notes will also help in repolishing the topics that need more attention. Your formula books will help you in revision at the end stage of preparation and you will feel delighted to see how you understand the concepts behind the formulas after solving plenty of questions regularly. 

    1. Look to previous year question papers of class 5th math olympiad and give mock tests after the preparation is done

    Once students are done with the preparation, they should solve sample papers and previous year questions to gain a sense of familiarity with the type of multiple-choice questions that are asked in the exam. Once practiced enough of these questions, go for timely mock tests that will help you in preparing for the real time-based exam. 


    Giving math olympiad will generate a sense of confidence in students about the subject if they will prepare well. It will also help them improve their basic academic scores in school. The logic behind mathematics when understood by students will give them a keenness about the subject.

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