Masonic Coin & its Chronicles

    Masonic coins have different significance for different people. For a normal eye, it might be some fancy pieces with different ancient patterns in them. At the same time, the people from the religious beliefs of lodges and brotherhood have different things to say. A Masonic coin has always been marked as a symbol of brotherhood and lodge culture. Each coin is engraved with a special message or symbols. A special kind of imagery is there on the coins to support brotherhood. 

    It is often amid scandals regarding the significance of each image. It raises a lot of questions on the faith and penny images. The coins hold a symbolism that gets identified in the Freemasonry world, reflecting different events, symbols, and characters. The coins hold the eyes of a shopper, and one loses no chance to own it. These precious pennies are available in online stores at reasonable prices. 

    Types of Masonic Coins

    There are many varieties of masonic coins and tokens. These tokens generally define the mason culture, lodge or event. The image might be of an event when a Brother was initiated, passed raised etc. So these types of spectacular events become the backdrop of the coin imagery.

    Masonic Token: One masonic family helmed this piece in 1794. This piece was curated by a Brother named James Sketchley, belonging to the Grand Lodge of England. The coin is of copper built and was used as a currency in England. 

    Ohio Masonic Coin: This piece was a symbol created in Ohio lodge. This coin was quite popular when it was curated. The special symbols depict a story of a Brother. This coin, too, is available in the online stores to buy from. Mostly these coins have shapes and symbols of various things. Mostly these Masonic coins consist of various symbols, shapes, letters etc. This might sound normal to many, but it has important significance.

    Square and compasses: Same as the Grand Lodge of Ohio coin, there is a symbol in the centre. It is that of the Square and Compasses shapes. These symbols, along with the letter G, stand up for making one’s actions good and understanding one’s role in the spiritual universe.

    The Letter G: The letter “G” is often surrounded by the shapes of compass and square. It is interpreted as the Geometry lessons, which supports the Masonic lessons and symbolism. This reflects the association with builders and architects, measurements and understanding of the order and perfection of the universe. While for some it is referred to as God or the “Great Architect of the Universe.” The masons believe in praying to the deities according to their own beliefs. 

    B and G Coins: Masonic pennies often are mostly with alphabets. These are often queried letters “H.T.W.S.S.T.K.S.” associated with the Mark Master Degree in York Rite Masonry. Also, they are popularly called as the Tyrian Signet. It represents a keystone with symbolic meaning, which gives different interpretations to different people. 


    Apron and gloves: These symbols mean standing up for living with a pure heart and hands clean of any misdoings. 

    All-seeing eye: This symbol redefines the reason to remind all the Masons that there is a God and others always should see their thoughts and actions.

    Ashlars: These symbols are fit through the rough and smooth ashlars on Masonic coins. These symbols remind the Masons that there is a contrast between man’s natural state and perfection.

    Level: This symbol redefines the popular belief that God treats everyone equally. The Masons believe that everyone is equal before God.

    These coins do attract a lot of commoners who want to keep these symbolic coins at their homes preserved while the masons buy them to keep them for religious beliefs. 


    Masonic Coins have a higher importance in terms of ancient treasures. The coins still hold the charm, and people are so into it that they end up buying these precious pennies. Freemasons used these tokens for their identification purposes amongst each other as in their members. Now, these coins are customized as per the requests according to the Masonic lodges. These coins are like medals that were now presented to the new brothers at the lodges when they joined. Normal people buy it as fancy looking pieces, and the people associated with the cult culture buy it with more religious importance.

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