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A Comprehensive Guide to Solar System Repairs and Servicing


Installing solar panels in your home is the first step towards making your environment greener. Even though the installation charges are quite high, it won’t take time to recover the cost because of the amount of money it saves on your monthly energy bills. But these panels are not impervious to cracks and dents. That doesn’t mean you should start panicking as soon as you see a damaged solar panel. The first thing that you should do is get in touch with a solar system servicing and repairs company.

Solar system repair

First of all, solar panels are long-lasting. It’s rare that you would need someone to repair those panels. Moreover, the types of problems are not as complicated as you think. Here are a few problems for which you may require a technician to repair the solar panels:

1. Corrosion

It’s better that you don’t let rust build up on the panels in the first place. Too much corrosion may require you to replace the panels altogether. Use brushes and cleaning solutions that are specially made for these types of panels. Don’t use soal as they leave scum and residue that doesn’t allow the panels to absorb the sun’s rays.

 2. Cracked panels

A small crack on the panel may not require you to replace the entire panel. The problem usually becomes bigger if dirt and water accumulate in the cracks. Make sure you contact an expert as soon as you see the cracks. He will come and provide either of the two solutions below:

  • Waterproof resin or polyurethane – The technician will inspect the cracks, take the panels down, and mix a bucket of waterproof resin or polyurethane. He will then pour the mixture on the damaged panel and lay it evenly on the cracks. It would cover up the cracks in a few hours. He will leave the panel to dry. Later, he will set it up on the unit as it was before.

  • Laminating film – The technician may also decide to use laminating film on the cracks instead of waterproof resin or polyurethane. It’s easier to apply but is more expensive. Moreover, you should let the technician decide which option is best for the panel. He may take the damaged panel in a closed room to apply the laminating film as it shouldn’t have any folds or ripples.

3. Damaged connector –

According to technicians, damaged connectors contribute to most of the problems in solar systems. If you suddenly see that the solar panels are not working, you should call a professional to checks their connectors. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to repair or service the connector. The technician will have to replace it. Fortunately, they are not expensive and would hardly cost a few bucks.

Servicing solar panels

It’s essential that you hire someone to service your solar panels from time to time. Cleaning the panels is a part of servicing that experts never skip. Here’s what they do:

  • First, they remove twigs and leaves to avoid obstruction from the panels. Next, they clean the dirt particles. Most experts first use a cotton cloth to wipe the dust, followed by thoroughly cleaning the panels with water.
  • They will also check the roof’s gutters for grime, leaves, and cloth that may accumulate after a storm. Blocked gutters lead to water pooling on your roof and that would eventually affect the connectors. In fact, water pooling on your roof is detrimental to your home’s ceiling also. You may notice dark patches on the ceiling and walls if you don’t clean the water.
  • Finally, the technician checks the balance of sunlight and heat that each panel requires. He uses a tool that measures the optimal performance of the panels on a bright and sunny day. It gives an idea of whether the panels are working properly.

Installing solar panels

In addition to repair and servicing, most experts also provide new installations. If you want to go green and shift from the conventional electrical system to solar-powered electricity, you should contact your nearest service provider. The expert will check the size of your house and tell you the number of panels that it requires.

It’s high time that people realize that solar-powered systems are better for everyone’s future. Take that step towards saving the environment and be the change that everyone dreams of.