Few other methods to view the Instagram Stories Anonymously

    It’s simple to view Instagram stories. All you need to do is launch the app and select the profile icon. You may use the popular social networking app to share tales, images, videos, and camera rolls. When you view Instagram Stories, it is vital to remember that the individual who uploaded the story may see who saw it. It isn’t an issue in most cases, but there may be instances when you wish to see someone’s Instagram Stories quietly, to know more click here. You must use this approach if you want to access a private account’s stories anonymously; otherwise, the options below only work for public Instagram accounts. There are various ways to access Instagram stories without the cartel knowing who you are, with varying degrees of success.

    Create a new Instagram account:

    This method is both easy and traditional. You need to open a new Instagram account. Be cautious before submitting your contact information and a photograph. This new account must not contain any information about your old one. Also, attempt to incorporate facts that would pique the reader’s curiosity. After checking their profile, you should be able to follow them. This way, your profile will appear more genuine. And that’s all; as a new Instagram follower of this person, you may now watch their Instagram stories.

    Using the Airplane Mode: 

    In this situation, you can view Instagram Stories even if your phone is not on the internet. You can first wait for the story to load. Then choose Airplane mode. Following that, you may view Instagram’s secret tale. Launch Instagram and sign in to your account. Please allow a few seconds for all Instagram stories to load on your phone. Then choose Airplane mode. Return to View Instagram Stories. Because all of the tales are preloaded on your phone before you put on Airplane mode, you may be able to watch them without connecting to the internet. Because Airplane mode is enabled, do not count your views.

    Web browser add-ons:

    For this reason, you can utilize the Google Chrome browser. Hiddengram – View Instant Stories Anonymously is a Chrome add-on available in the Chrome Store. Once installed on your browser, you may see Instagram stories on your desktop without your views. FastSave for Instagram is a comparable extension that performs similarly to the first. It allows you to view tales without signing in, and more significantly, stories look as if you haven’t watched them all, even if you have.

    How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously on an iPhone :

    If you don’t want to see someone’s Instagram stories anonymously from your desktop or laptop, you may do it from the convenience of your iPhone. Download the Story Reposter app from the App Store and login in with your Instagram credentials. Enter the name of the account you wish to see anonymously in the search bar. Don’t be concerned if you mistakenly misspelled the account name.

    However, Instagram has a stories option as some individuals don’t want the story owner’s name to appear in the viewer list. In the last post, we looked at three methods for viewing Instagram Stories anonymously. These ways allow you to access IG Stories while anonymous to other users. Which strategy you select is on your level of familiarity and trust in the method.

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