Hoverboard: The new joy of movement

    Skateboards have been popular with young people for many generations and are considered a symbol of light-heartedness. In times of digital progress, electrically powered hoverboards are now conquering the market, which is hardly larger than a classic skateboard. They are controlled by the posture and provide a sporting challenge with a great fun factor.

    What is a hoverboard?

    What is a hoverboard? Some will probably think of a hovercraft now, because “hover” means “hover” in English. In fact, locomotion on a hoverboard looks like floating above the earth. On closer inspection, go cart attachment for hoverboard it can be seen that small wheels under or to the side of the stand surface provide the drive. In addition, hoverboards drive in the usual direction, as is also the case with a Segway. The models popular on sightseeing and city tours are a good comparison to describe how hoverboards work. Due to the more common form in this country, our hoverboard product line bears the name Robway. Self-balancing boards or e-balance hoverboards often appear as further names.

    The dream of hovering: How a hoverboard works

    As described in detail, hoverboards are moved by means of one’s own posture. To do this, the feet are placed on the stand before the ride begins. A battery integrated into the board ensures the operation of the small electric motors on the wheels. Now it depends on the sense of balance of the user, who sets directions through the corresponding inclination.

    A hoverboard is designed so that it can travel both forward and backward. When driving curves, it depends on the foot position and by shifting the center of gravity of the body, the intensity of movement is determined. A forward-bent posture has a direct influence on speed. In an upright position, a cautious entry is ensured, which leads to quick learning of all functions.

    Robway – patented technology with self-stabilization

    If you are looking for a suitable hoverboard, you will encounter a huge offer market. Apparently, the boundaries between entry-level and professional devices are blurring, which can certainly lead to uncertainty. Since the operation requires a lot of physical self-control, especially beginners have a hard time. Our Rob way models ensure maximum safety and driving pleasure.

    When switched on, the stand surfaces automatically straighten up and bring the hoverboard into the right position. Now it’s just a matter of getting up and finding the right balance before the driving pleasure begins. The patented technology makes handling the electric board easy and safe. They prevent the hoverboard from moving uncontrollably. Beginners and advanced skiers can thus ascend comfortably and concentrate on the surroundings in peace and quiet before the start of the journey.

    Intelligent motion sensors

    To ensure that the precise control of a hoverboard by the posture succeeds, a so-called gyro stabilizer, which is also known as the gyroscope, works inside. This sits between the wheel bearings and passes on weight shifts directly to the respective side. From the basic position of standing upright, slight prevention favors the drive forward. By leaning back while driving, the hoverboard reduces and decelerates the speed. This movement also makes it possible to reverse; for example, if you want to turn. With different loads on the sides and the corresponding position angle of the feet, it is possible to drive curves. Here, too, it depends on the intensity with which easy curves and rapid changes of direction can be completed. From a standstill and during the slow ride, it is even possible to rotate around your own axis. Turns up to 360 degrees are easily realized and even for beginners a simple exercise.

    Some hoverboards with Bluetooth interface even allow settings via app, with which the driving behavior can be adjusted to individual needs. With the self-balance technology of the Robway hoverboards, this is all the easier, because here the board balances itself all by itself. Meanwhile, the add-on features are also interesting, such as a hoverboard seat such as Hoverkart or Driftkart 360, with which the Robway can be transformed into an electric go-kart in no time at all.

    Surfing feels like in the movie: Do you remember the scene from Back to the Future, in which Micheal J. Fox is on the floating skateboard in his role as Marty McFly? It was the birth of today’s hoverboard, which cannot (yet) fly but allows similarly casual locomotion.

    Diverse hoverboard types and offers

    The market for hoverboards offers a wide variety of products with different model variants. These differ not only in terms of their motorization but also in their design and operating modes. For example, there are off-road hoverboards and those that are especially suitable for use on asphalt. The offers also appeal to several user groups, which include hobby athletes and professional actors. In addition to the classic e-board, there are special off-road hoverboards and combination devices to choose from. In addition, there are three classes in which the various hoverboards can be classified.


    From the name,best cheap electric stakeboards it is already clear that this is an electric board with only one wheel. Here, pronounced body control is required to move with a monowheel. When it comes to security, however, users have to make some compromises, which means that the model variant is mainly reserved for professional use.

    E-Balance Hoverboard

    This class includes in particular our Robway hoverboards. They are suitable for beginners and advanced users and know how to convince in terms of safety. On a pleasant stand, users will find enough space for their preferred foot position. The decisive advantage of our Robway hoverboards is the self-stabilization of the two tread areas. These straighten up automatically before the start and allow a comfortable and quiet stand before the ride begins. Even during operation, the self-balancing board independently stabilizes and thus compensates for unplanned reflex movements.


    The hoverkart is a combination of a hoverboard and a seat. These are available on the Robway as an optional accessory, whereby a simple electric board can be converted into a full-fledged go-kart with electric drive. Not only for children a lot of fun, because adults also get their money’s worth when using it. 

    Advantages of Robway hoverboards

    The distinguishing criteria result in some significant advantages of our Robway hoverboards, which are specifically aimed at the needs of the European market:

    • Secure stand due to self-balance function

    • Suitable for beginners and advanced

    • Long battery life

    • Bluetooth interface for higher performance

    • LED lighting provides more visibility

    • intuitive operation via app

    • optional accessories expand possibilities of use

    • Easy conversion into a hoverkart

    • good value for money

    • easy transport

    Hoverboard – correct advice when buying

    If you want to buy a suitable hoverboard for yourself or for your loved ones, you are not faced with an easy decision, because the diversity of the market is hard to overlook. Buying a hoverboard cheaply seems to be possible in many ways. But what good are supposed bargains, some of which are already available for less than 100 euros and what details should you pay attention to? Can a hoverboard also be used by children and what are the differences between the individual models?

    Motors and wattage

    Most hoverboards have two motors, each of which operates one of the two wheels. The drive power is achieved by the integrated battery. This also influences the service life, because the higher the storage capacity, the longer the operating time is usually. Here, of course, it also depends on which functions are operated parallel to driving and in which speed ranges the locomotion takes place. The individual power of the motors is given in watts and usually shown in the total.

    Ideally, the power of a hoverboard should be in the range of 700 and 800 watts, as is the case with our Robway models.

    Tyres and inch size

    Here, the first question depends on where the hoverboard will be used later. There are model variants on the market that have been developed for off-road driving. Within the Robway product line, we have unique terrain designs that allow you to pass uneven surfaces, such as .B lawn and gravel areas. The tyres have a direct influence on the driving behaviour and should therefore not be too small.

    A tire size of at least 3.5 inches and more is recommended for a hoverboard.

    How important is lighting on the hoverboard?

    Meanwhile, more and more hoverboards are equipped with attractive lighting. Here, of course, the question of whether this is absolutely necessary is justified. Apart from the handsome color combinations and lighting modes, the light mainly creates attention. In traffic-related areas, you are also well perceived by others at nightfall. Also not to be underestimated are the optical refinements. As soon as the lighting shines, the effect of hovering really comes into its own, as the small wheels disappear into the glow.

    With an individual setting of the lighting colors via app, the Robway E-Boards belong to the absolute top class.

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