Why are Technological Advancements Significant for the Globe?


    “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Today the times that we are living in were once imagined, innovated and planned by many prudent personalities. It was their foresight that we could survive and are surviving through the pandemic. Undoubtedly technological advancements have improved our lives by reducing time, allowing quick communication and engagement, improving our quality of life, providing easy access to information and ensuring our safety. 

    From inventing a novel vaccine for a novel virus to inventing video calling technology to stay connected during tough lockdown times; from regulating offices through BYOD to self-service kiosks at airports and restaurants to IoT in homes; technology has aided humans everywhere. 

    This article will help in understanding why we do not just use but live technology today and why constant technological advancements are significant for the globe.

    Why are Technological Advancements Significant?

    1. Information Accessibility

    Technology has altogether changed the way we consume and share information. Gone are the days when people had to wait to get important news and information through traditional slower modes of communication such as telegrams, inland letters, postcards, etc. The invention of the telephone changed the way people expected communication. 

    Today, delightfully, the telephone is also a thing of the past. Technology has brought us where “two blue ticks” means the satisfaction that the receiver saw our message, a video call is just a tap away, and the connection is no longer a problem. News from even the farthest corners of the world reaches us in seconds and breaking news changes almost every other hour. All the information is accessible to all through the internet and such a level of information accessibility is helping people throughout the world make informed decisions and calculated risks. Isn’t it amazing? 

    2. Time Savior

    Technological advancements have helped people across the world save a lot of precious time. Through the GPS, we can reach almost anywhere we want, without having to waste our time asking for directions. Have you ever had trouble finding your way around a new town? Yes, we’ve all experienced such difficulties when shifting to a new location. Whether on a work trip or vacation, modern technology makes it possible to enjoy your trips by assisting you in navigating to any location. 

    3. Ease of Mobility

    Mobile devices have come a long way from their inception. Today smartphones and smart mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. They provided us with much-needed mobility during the worst phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses realized the importance of smartphones and mobile devices as to how beneficial they can be for their business. As a result, many offices allow their employees to work from wherever they want since there is no decrease in productivity. Thanks to mobile device management solutions with kiosk lockdown capacities, many employers locked their employees’ mobile devices to be used for official purposes. Apart from it, many employees wished to use their own devices or BYOD. These MDM solutions helped enterprises manage BYOD also by creating separate containers for work and personal use on BYOD. 

    With these mobile phones, we can regulate our personal and professional lives simultaneously. Mobile devices help us save a lot of time, effort and energy by helping us with the following:

    • Managing office from home

    • Booking tickets online

    • Searching information online

    • Online money transactions

    • Purchasing clothes

    • Ordering food

    • Buying groceries online

    • Renting a place

    • Finding an old friend or relative

    • Showcasing individual talent through social media channels without paying hefty money

    • Reading books

    • Publishing books

    4. Artificial Intelligence and Human thinking 

    Artificial intelligence may usher in a new period of revolution. With technology advancing at a speed never imagined, there would be no need for people to think because an AI system would be able to think about how to better it. This would offer the human generation a rest, and it is likely one of the greatest benefits of contemporary technology on humanity.

    Benefits of technological advancements in the field of education

    Technological advancements have helped the education sector greatly. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it very clear how and why technology is important in the field of education. Teachers can utilize online learning as a strong instructional tool by incorporating technology into the existing curriculum, rather than treating it purely as a crisis-management tool. Students’ engagement can be increased, teachers’ lesson plans can be improved, and personalized learning may be facilitated through the use of digital learning technologies in the classroom. 

    Not only this technological advancements also help in keeping a check on misuse. For example, many Edtech companies provide tablets to students and teachers for leveraging learning and study materials. But students tend to use these tablets for recreational purposes other than learning. In such cases, several educational institutions secured the tablets and devices with effective mobile device management solutions. These mobile device management solutions come with kiosk lockdown capacity that can convert any device into industry-specific purpose-built kiosks.

    Benefits of technology in the field of healthcare

    The recent few years have been especially challenging for healthcare. With the Covid pandemic, healthcare had to change its strategy, operations, and processes. One thing that helped healthcare to stay strong even in crisis was constantly evolving technology.

    Be it advanced oxymeters, contactless sanitizer kiosks, advanced face shields, advanced smartwatches, or health monitors technology helped in every other aspect. Advanced technology in healthcare resulted in reducing human error, expediting processes, managing health records, improvising patient care, and overall streamlined operations.

    Benefits of technology in personal lives

    We are all so much occupied by technology that we do not take enough time to thank and praise the life that we are living. If we step back and think, we will realize how technological advancements have helped us in every aspect of our lives. From the initial days of the world wide web to the social landscape that we breathe in, almost everything is technology-driven. Today, we can easily read whatever we want through ebooks, kindle, etc. We can entertain ourselves by watching anything we wish to without having to wait for a particular time, as we did in the past. All the information today is easily accessible. A buyer today can make informed decisions as to what he has to purchase and what not. IoT has transformed the way we used to live. Especially in our homes where everything is automated by IoT gadgets. From switching on the lights to doing laundry; from alarms to door locks, almost everything is automated. 

    In a nutshell, technology has made our lives easier and we all are looking forward to such technological advancements in the future. The best is yet to come!

    Benefits of technology in the workplace

    Modern workplaces require modern technology. The majority of the workforce operates remotely and technology has very well understood the importance of securing such a workplace. Data breaches, cyberattacks, and incidents are very common today. But thanks to technological advancements, enterprises can take a sigh of relief. Enterprises nowadays secure their work environment and sensitive corporate information with the help of mobility management software solutions. Such solutions come with kiosk lockdown capacities that help businesses secure their databases and networks. Bring Your Device is very popular these days among employees. Such BYOD devices can be secured easily with the help of MDMs. With technology, today work is possible everywhere.


    Technology has made our lives easier and has opened ways for future growth and success. As someone has rightly said, we don’t use technology, we live technology. The benefits of technology have come a long way. We cannot imagine our lives without smartphones, laptops, wifi, the internet, 5G, cloud computing, e-commerce, online shopping, trading and many such elements that make our lives simpler and more sophisticated. Technological advancements have transformed the way we think, live, breathe and sleep. With recent advances in technology, certainly, there’s no looking back.

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