Exciting and fairytale picture books

    Right now is the ideal reading time. The evenings are long and it’s just wonderful to hear a beautiful story cuddled up on the sofa. This time we have selected exciting picture books for three- to five-year-olds


    Curls, pony, ponytail and a lot of frills. Children love rhymes. They also strengthen the sense of language and linguistic competence. And besides, it’s incredible fun to recite rhymes.

    Hair is just as exciting – also because girl baby swings it looks different for every person. Martin looks like he has a Mars helmet on, but Anneliese has something on her head that looks like vegetables. A picture book in which rhymes and hair occur will certainly quickly become a favorite in which, as soon as it is “read out” you will immediately hear: Again!

    From 3 years. By Daniela Kulot, published by Gerstenberg for 9,95 Euro.

    The Nohorn and the Laziness

    there is news from the Neinhorn. The first volume by successful author Marc-Uwe Kling was translated into 20 different languages and thus became a bestseller in the small category of children’s books.

    The new story is about boredom. The NEINhorn and the KönigsDOCHter had a dispute. You don’t know what exactly it was about, but the NEINhorn is enough for now and it works. It lands on a hike in the jungle. There it meets the SchLANGEWEILE, which hangs down from an ace and finds allesss sssuper boring! No matter what the NEINhorn suggests, she has no conclusions about it. Let’s see what happens now…

    For children from 3 years. By Marc-Uwe Kling, published by Carlsen Verlag for 13 euros.


    Every one of us knows this feeling: anger! It’s hard to control. The heroine in the picture book is swept away by her anger, she experiences it as a wild ride. Their sense of anger discharges like a force of nature. The award-winning illustrator Britta Teckentrup depicts in powerful images how this emotion can feel.

    The book can be a door opener, especially for children who do not like to talk about their feelings – or who simply do not yet know how to put them into words. Teckentrup’s illustrations show that anger can be as powerful as it is frightening. But also that this emotion can be positively perceived, as a force for change.

    A beautiful picture book, which is not only good reading material for children who easily get angry.

    From 4 years. By Britta Teckentrup, Prestel Junior Verlag for 18 Euro.


    When people or animals are in danger, they in turn need people to help them. In this book we are introduced to 12 of them, for example the firefighter Leonie, the veterinarian Tamika or Andres, the flying doctor who only gets from patient to patient in Australia with a small plane.

    The helpers “tell” about their everyday life, their tasks and you get to know their equipment. On a double page, children learn what a disaster relief worker or a police officer does, i.e. helpers you see every day or only very rarely, because they do not have so easily accessible locations.

    An exciting non-fiction book to read aloud for children from 4-5 years.

    By Eryl Nash and Anna Albero, published by Prestel Junior for 15 euros.

    The Bank

    Writing children’s books has been back in fashion among celebrities for some time. Now the first work Duchess Meghan has been published in German, so a picture book with a certain royal flair.

    The little story is all about a garden or park bench where father and son meet regularly. Here they share their experiences, their dreams and their shared happiness. The picture book is the result of a poem for Father’s Day, which Meghan is said to have written for husband Harry shortly after the birth of son Archie. The illustrations show a father-son relationship full of intimacy and with really sweet moments, for example when father and son do ballet exercises together in the Tütü. For small listeners who are not yet interested in who Duchess Meghan or Prince Harry are, a story in which there is actually a lot of love.

    By Meghan Duchess of Sussex and Christian Robinson, published by cbj for 15 euros.

    An incredibly fabulous cake story

    The kitchen boy Stefan is a bit of a “girl for everything” in the incredibly fabulous Hotel Delaunay in the legendary city of Delaunay. Best baby swings frame that means he has to get up in the morning and prepare everything, make coffee, rinse, peel potatoes. But one day Stefan wants to become “Chef de Pâtisserie” and bake the greatest cake creations.

    The chef doesn’t think anything of it and tells him so. Common! Stefan wants to teach her otherwise and bakes a brilliant cake at home in the evening. And while he is baking and creating, nothing is going on in the kitchen of the hotel. Does the others also notice how important Stefan’s work is?

    A fairytale children’s book with enchanting illustrations and a sweet happy ending.

    From 3 years. By Kate Davies and Isabelle Follath, published by Bohem Verlag for 16.95 euros.


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