The Latest Advancements for Gaming

    In recent years, gaming has been through huge changes. Just in the last couple of decades, gaming has changed to allow people to play together even if they’re on different systems, virtual reality games have been created, and games have reached millions of downloads, being played even by those who don’t consider themselves gamers. Video games now fit easily in your pocket on a smartphone and can be played from anywhere, but there are bigger changes coming in the next few years. Some of the latest advancements for gaming include the following. 

    The Metaverse

    The metaverse is going to revolutionize gaming and create a new way to play, not unlike the creation of portable gaming systems or mobile games. With the metaverse, games can be far more complex, can include virtual and augmented reality, can allow for more socialization, and can even be monetized – for the players. One of the latest games coming to the metaverse can be seen now at A massively multiplayer online game, BlockLords is a strategy MMO that’s set in medieval times. What sets the game apart is that the characters can be monetized and gain value as players go through the game. 

    Monetization of Characters

    As mentioned, characters can now be monetized. According to TechBullion, games like BlockLords allow players to create a character which then becomes a digital asset. As the player plays the game, the character gains experience and new attributes, all of which increase the character’s value. If the player decides they want to start the game over again with a new character or they stop playing, they can sell the character as an NFT. The way a player plays the game has an impact on the direct value of the character, and unique talents or other details can mean a character is worth a lot more than a comparable character that doesn’t have the same attributes. 

    More Virtual Reality

    Gamers have long been interested in virtual reality, as it gives them the opportunity to feel like they’re in the game, not sitting at a computer or other gaming system. Though VR has been around for a few years now, it’s still changing and going through leaps in technology that make it more functional. Coming soon, players hope to see VR headsets that aren’t tied to a computer and allow them to play from just about anywhere. They also hope to see improvements in graphics and how immersive the games are, providing a more authentic gaming experience. 

    Increase in Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality first became mainstream when Pokemon Go was released. This game allowed millions of people to play, heading outside to explore and find characters to capture. However, like with VR, AR is changing and becoming far more functional and accessible. New improvements allow for more accurate augmented reality, better graphics, and faster response times according to BuiltInLa. For gamers, this provides plenty of opportunities to do a lot more and enjoy games wherever they are. 

    Though gaming is not new, the technology being used today and over the next few years is something that may have been unheard of just a few years ago. The gaming industry is changing rapidly, but gamers will find many improvements that can create a more immersive and amazing experience every time they play. 

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