5 Steps to Follow While Choosing a Digital Marketing Company

    Finding a reputable and reliable digital marketing agency will help you grow your business’ online presence. They can help you conduct different marketing strategies that fit well with your business needs.

    But how can you find and decide which is the right one who can understand your business well? Here are the steps you can follow in choosing the right digital marketing agency.

    1. Define your company’s marketing needs and goals

    The first thing you should do when choosing a digital marketing agency is to determine what marketing strategy you want to achieve for your business. In this way, you will only focus on the methods on how to accomplish that goal and get the results you need.

    What are the things that your company needs to grow? What are the products or services you sell? How much are you willing to spend on the marketing aspects of your business?

    Knowing the answers to these questions and many other important factors will give you a headstart on your search for the ideal agency that can help you attain your goals.

    2. Conduct a background research

    Browsing the web with the best digital marketing agency in your area will give you enough information to decide. List some of the agencies that appear at the top of your search.

    Visit each of their websites to see if they have a sizable portfolio or list of their past clients. It will give you an idea if that agency does well in their job.

    Check each of their team members as well and go over each of their experiences and specializations. You need to ensure that the agency you want to hire has the right people regardless of the type of service your business will need.

    If their website does not have thorough information regarding their team members, you can head on to LinkedIn and search the company to see the people who work there.

    Reading testimonies and reviews will also help you weigh the pros and cons. Ensure you them from other review sites and not on the agency’s website for unbiased reviews. You can also check if they have a social media account to further prove their established reputation in the industry.

    You should also check if their core values and company culture also match yours. The digital marketing agency will work with you in the long run, so it is essential to know if they have similar values as your company and if you can trust them in the marketing aspects of your business.

    3. Reach out and ask necessary questions

    It is not enough to just do your research alone. If you happen to like one of the digital marketing companies you find, you can reach out to them via their provided contact information. In this way, you can ask more questions and hear how they can help you with your goals.

    One of the questions you can raise is the tools they use. Ensure that these tools can still live up to the industry of your business, Google updates, and the latest trends.

    Of course, do not forget to ask for clarifications regarding the prices and packages they offer. You need to know that if by hiring this agency you can get good value for your money.

    You can create a list of all the questions you want to ask before contacting them, so you will not miss any important details. It will also serve as your guide to lead the conversation. Most of the time, people get persuaded by outlandish promises from these agencies. But since you know exactly what you want to hear from them, you will not get easily swayed and focus on how competent they are when it comes to digital marketing.

    4. Send RFP and sample task to the prospect agency for you to review

    After talking to several agencies, and you think they are convincing enough, you can send them a request for proposal or RFP. It is to filter out which of them you will consider the best digital marketing agency.

    By sending an RFP, you can collect all the necessary information from your prospect agencies and choose which of them meets your criteria, especially when it comes to skill and budget. 

    After that, you can proceed to review which of these companies you will consider by sending a sample task to confirm if they can do the actual work needed once you hire them as part of your digital marketing team.

    For example, you can ask them to create a content marketing post, a digital PR campaign, or pitch some new ideas. You can wait for the results whether on links or press coverages and high post rankings.

    5. Get to know their team

    Once you see satisfying results, you can ask the digital agency for a meeting to get to know their team. It is the time when you can also clarify any issue you may want to discuss with them before the agreement or signing of the contract.

    This step does not determine if the agency you hold a meeting with is the one you will already hire to work with you. You are still testing the waters here as you witness the different personalities in the team and see if you can work with them for the success of your business.

    Choose someone who likes your business!

    In conclusion, as you narrow your search for the best digital marketing agency for your business, the most important thing you should consider is if they share the same passion as yours to grow your business.

    It is difficult to tell which of your prospects truly likes the industry of your business. But as you communicate with them, you can see if they are interested in your niche and the values you have.

    Working with a digital marketer who is passionate about what they do is the ideal fit for this job and will not be driven by the money you will pay them. Instead, they will do their best to help you grow your business.

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