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How to Prepare For a Snorkel Tour

How to Prepare For a Snorkel Tour

We are sure you won’t skip snorkeling if your vacation destination is by water. We mean, who would? There will be times when you can find great snorkeling right off the ocean, which is just incredible. But at other times, taking a boat tour for snorkeling with wildlife in amazing Cay is entirely worth it. 

We are sharing some of the most effective tips on how to prepare for a snorkel tour. We are sure these steps will convert your snorkeling experience into an epic one. 

Tips on how to prepare for a snorkeling tour

  1. Try to use your own gear if possible

  2. De-fog your goggles

  3. Take steps to reduce or prevent sea-sickness

  4. Stay hydrated

  5. Make the most of your snorkeling time

1. Try to use your own gear if possible

Having your own gear might not be possible all the time. But if you are someone who plans to take a snorkeling tour over time, then investing in your personal gear is worth it. 

There are two primary reasons why one should have their own snorkeling gear.

  1. The rental gear provided at the beach is not of excellent quality. Good-quality equipment can add up to making your snorkeling experience more fun. 

  2. Your own gear means you do not need to worry about fit and adjustment. Clearly, you would invest in a gear that fits you the best. As a result, the mask will fit you perfectly, and you won’t get any blisters, as the fins will belong to your size.

2. De-fog your goggles

Whether using your own equipment or not, make sure you de-fog your goggles before going for your snorkeling tour. The only point of going on a snorkeling tour is to see the underwater world and its beauty. Clearly. there is no point in fidgeting with your goggles the whole time. Not being able to see anything correctly the whole time because your goggles are foggy is not worth it at all. 

3. Take steps to reduce or prevent sea-sickness

When it comes to the factors which can ruin your snorkeling experience, sea sickness undoubtedly stays on the top of the list. Hence, take all the necessary steps to reduce or prevent it. Listed below are some steps that might really be helpful to you in reducing or preventing sea sickness. 

  1. Carry some motion sickness medicine with you.

  2. Keep your breakfast a little dry and light on the day of snorkeling. 

  3. Try to avoid products like coffee, eggs, dairy products, and spicy foods as well. 

  4. Try to keep yourself calm and relaxed by sitting in the shady parts of the boat. 

4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrating is one fundamental thing that can severely impact your snorkeling experience. Dehydration can literally ruin your snorkeling experience. Cramps will hit you while you are in the water or start hitting you once you come out. There is only one reason behind this; you are dehydrated. 

Start hydrating yourself a day prior to going snorkeling. Also, try to consume a good amount of salt in foods. This will help to retain water in your body.

4. Make the most of your snorkeling time

When you take a snorkeling tour, you only have a little bit of time for it. Hence, try to make the most of it. Eliminate wasting even a single minute. Here are some additional steps that you might consider to make the most of your snorkeling time. 

  1. Take your beach dress off.

  2. Wear only swimwear while snorkeling

  3. Do not carry any extra stuff with you while jumping in the water.

  4. Wear your gear before the crew asks you to jump in the water

  5. Get your masks de-fogged. 

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